Thanks for making me your “guinea pig,” guys!

I agreed to test CBD Drip Gold for my friends at MMIP, and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t really think it would do much, but they assured me it couldn’t hurt, either. Within a week of taking about a dropperful as a tincture every day, I was sleeping better, even through my issues with back pain and an injured shoulder. People started to notice that I seemed happier and more relaxed. Then, after a couple of weeks I was doing my everyday tasks cleaning up after the kids at my daycare. Normally, I would start to wipe a table with my right hand and it would hurt my shoulder, so I would switch hands. One day I “caught myself” having finished the table without switching hands!!!
It’s been a couple of months, now and my overall health has improved tremendously! I am in less pain, therefore less depressed and more active! Thanks for making me your “guinea pig,” guys!

Jan, Childcare Provider
Chocorua, NH

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