Q: Does the delivery method used have an impact on the desired outcome or benefits?

A: Yes, the delivery methods used can have varied results and are typically used for targeting different desired outcomes.

  • Orally: When administering orally, CBD effects are aimed more at the immune system.
    • Medibles: Ingested as food or beverage, some of the CBD is lost in the digestive process, so higher doses are recommended. The effects are slower onset and longer lasting. We recommend “medibles” as a supplement to any CBD regimen to improve the efficiency of your primary CBD source, and to add extra relief as needed.
    • Sublingually (under the tongue): Liquids placed under the tongue enter the bloodstream directly so are faster acting. More of the CBD is absorbed this way, so smaller doses can be more effective.
    • Inhaling: When inhaled, generally with a vaporizer, CBD primarily affects the nervous system. This method is recommended if your primary intent is to ease physical pain, seizures, or tremors. The maximum effectiveness temperature range for vaporizing is between 180ºC and 210ºC.
  • Topically: These products’ general effects are on the area where they are applied.
  • Transdermally: This innovative administration of CBD is easy to use and takes most of the guess work out of dosing. The CBD formula is in the form of a patch that, when applied to the skin, allows the medicine to be absorbed into the blood stream.
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